French Mayor Goes to War, Orders Devastating Move Against 7,000 Islamic Refugees

The infamous “Calais jungle”, at one time a famous tourist destination now turned to a muslim 3rd world hell on earth is set to be demolished by orders of the French Mayor.

According to

Calais is not just a “black spot” on Europe, but many Europeans look at is as the face of Europe’s future if Islam takes over.

It has taken a long time, but the French are finally pushing back against the Muslims in Calais. So much is the pushback that the mayor of Calais has promised to destroy a large part of the camp and displace thousands of Muslims in the process:

Thousands of refugees living in the so-called Calais ‘Jungle’ will soon lose their makeshift homes as the northern half of the camp is set to be demolished.

Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart told journalists on Monday that the remaining half of the camp would soon be dismantled, though no date has yet been given.

“We can’t wait any longer, we need to know as soon as possible when and how the Jungle will be torn down,” she said.

“It is absolutely urgent for this town, its people and its businesses.”

According to Reuters, the Calais prefecture, which would issue the order to demolish the camp, declined to comment on the matter yesterday. (source)


It’s good to see the French people fighting back against this terror and this is exactly the type of attitude we need to have in America in order to avoid the spread of radical Islam in our cities. It’s time to wake up!

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