Black Lives Matter Activist Lost Her Job After Tweeting ‘Kill Trump’ So She Called The Cops?

Black Lives Matter Activist Lost Her Job After Tweeting 'Kill Trump' So She Called The Cops?

She was fired for the anti-Trump Tweet and then filed a complaint with the police. So there is ONE BIG PROBLEM…

We seem to have quite a few “brain-dead” folks out there in cyber-space.

The latest appears to be Kalen Rahim who definitely has a few brain cells missing after she actually tweeted “All you Worcester gangsters and what not. You clearly have a mission on Wednesday. Kill Donald Trump.”


A local blog, TurtleBoy Sports posted an article about disrupting a scheduled Trump event in Worcester. “The Donald was scheduled to speak to yet another standing-room only crowd, with another 3,000 outside who just couldn’t fit, which prompted Rahim’s stupid “assassination” threat, and which ultimately got back to her employer, Explore Talent, who gave her the boot, firing her from her job.

However as stated this young lady has more than a few “brain cells” missing and of course one stupid act, apparently isn’t enough therefore another is required by actually calling the police to complain about her firing, and apparently wanted to file some type of complaint…really!

Obviously it never dawned on Kalen that making an assassination threat on a presidential candidate is a federal crime, punishable by lots and lots of years in prison.

It was also revealed that Rahim has been involved in “Black Lives Matter” protests in Massachusetts and elsewhere over the past year, and perhaps that should explain the reason for those missing “brain-cells”.

H/T to EndingTheFed, USHerald

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