WATCH Donald Trump Enter The Stage To Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions’

WATCH Donald Trump Enter The Stage To Queen's 'We Are The Champions'

A massive entrance, but did his team pull it off afterwards?

Donald Trump┬ámade a rockstar entrance into the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this evening, his instantly recognizable silhouette picked out against dramatic backlighting as Queen’s We Are The Champions played.

The billionaire businessman paused, illuminated, for what seemed an age as the applause roared loud and long, turning once to flash a profile image of his signature hairdo before walking forward to the microphone.

There he introduced the evening’s keynote speaker, wife Melania, who delivered a near faultless speech on Trump’s compassion as a father, determination as a businessmen, and love for his country as an American.

In the crowd, daughter Tiffany Trump looked on dressed in a demure dark dress alongside Democrat boyfriend Ross Mechanic, while Donald Trump Jr also took his seat alongside former Republican presidential hopeful Bob Dole.

A truly great entrance, though controversy surrounds Melania Trump’s speech. She is accused of plagiarizing Michelle Obama.

Did she do it? Watch and decide for yourself here.

Source: Daily Mail

Image via Reuters

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