Have You Heard Of These People On Hillary’s Top VP Short-List?

Have You Heard Of These People On Hillary's Top VP List?

Most of us know of Elizabeth Warren, but who are these other guys?

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Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been the focus of much media spotlight lately. Various pundits have speculated that she might be Hillary Clinton’s choice for a running mate. But two other names emerged from a recent shortlist — both men — to the surprise of some.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) are the two rivals for possible the VP spot on the Democratic ticket. The Washington Post reports multiple Democrats know about her consideration of these two men and the high level of importance she’s placed on both. Advisers and friends have said Clinton has applauded both of their accomplishments.

Vilsack and Kaine both have governing experience that would enhance Clinton’s credibility during the general election, and possibly solidify confidence in unswayed voters. In fact, “experience” is what she considers the most important attribute, according to the Post.

Thomas Perez, who is the current Secretary of Labor, has also emerged as a potential third pick.

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