[VIDEO] Obama Has Been Paving The Way Towards Martial Law For 4 Years Now And Most Don’t Know

Obama has been a stain on the U.S. for almost 8 years now and is nearing the end of his nightmarish Presidential run…. hopefully. Many believe  Obama has been positioning himself in what seems to be a final plan to invoke martial law which in turn suspends Presidential elections. What most people don’t know is what he did 4 years ago that started paving the way towards his possible end goal.

Charisma News:

With a flourish of his pen, President Barack Obama initiated the beginnings of martial law—four years ago!

Yet many American citizens turned a blind eye and choose to live in blissful ignorance, even today.

What’s worse is millions of residents depend by the minute on “the grid,” that is the power source that fuels every moment of activity from electricity to water to working online, among myriad other activities.

The government is not protecting the grid—a move Jim Bakker Show panelists believe is done by design to mandate our dependence on the government if attacks happen.

Watch the video to see the details.



Let’s all pray none of this truly comes to fruition, but e must be prepared for the possibilities.

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