‘Line Out The Door’ For AR-15s After Mass. AG Announces ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

Massachusetts is seeing a major influx in the sale of AR-15’s thanks to Attorney General Maura Healey’s (D) “directive” against “assault weapons” sales. Some gun stores are reporting seeing lines out the door.

According to Breitbart:

WCVB reports that Four Seasons gun shop in Woburn sent out an email as soon as it learned of Healey’s directive. The email said the store would not be able to sell AR-15s or other guns categorized as “assault weapons” after July 20. Bruce Sterling rushed to the gun store, saying, “It seemed like it made a lot of sense to come and get an AR-15 today.”

The gun store ended up with “a line out the door.”

On July 20 Breitbart News reported that Healey was sending a “directive” to all gun makers and sellers that “assault weapons” are not to be sold in her state.

According to The Boston Globe, Healey said Massachusetts already has an “assault weapons” ban which gun manufacturers and sellers have been going around by making cosmetic changes to firearms, thereby rendering them “state compliant.” She accused the “gun industry” of exploiting Massachusetts’ law by selling AR-15s “without a flash suppressor or folding or telescoping stock, for example,” and pointed out that these are “small tweaks that do nothing to limit the lethalness of the weapon.”

Ironically, Democrat-sponsored “assault weapons” bans are always based on the very kinds of cosmetic features cited by Healey. And gun rights proponents have consistently argued that banning guns because of such features is pure political opportunism.

Of course it’s political opportunism! Do you honestly think these crooked politicians have  our best interest at heart? This is just another attempt to disarm the people in order to gain full control. What do you think about it?

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