Secret Service Prostitution – That Was Back In The ‘Innocent’ Days, Now Scandals Are Far Worse

Secret Service Prostitution - That Was Back In The 'Innocent' Days, Now Scandals Are Far Worse

Government Employees continue to be… Government Employees! But are they getting worse?

The agency sworn to protect the President has to be one of the most corrupt bureaucracies in the government.

Here’s a bit of how the scandals originally broke:

Or perhaps this is just the norm in our government today, and for whatever reason, these are the only scandals that end up getting leaked.

The United States Secret Service (USSS) has quite the reputation. Documents released through FOIA requests reveal that agents – including those in the Uniformed Division as well as senior management – engage in drunk-driving; prostitution (male and female); sex with underage girls; child pornography; alcohol-fueled orgies; and “wheels up, rings off” parties; and more.

In addition, it was revealed that the USSS always attempted to cover up any scandalous allegations against their employees; had the troublesome agents simply transferred to other departments, or even promoted; and had charges against them dropped if need be.

In fact, the senior management even preferred to have troublemakers working under them, so that they could be more easily controlled. As one Special Agent told the DHS:

“General misconduct is ‘swept under the rug.’ If USSS management likes you and they want to promote you, allegations against you actually help. The allegations will be held against you as coercion to do activities at the senior management’s direction. The phrase in the USSS is, ‘if you don’t want anything, they can’t do anything to you.’”

But it wasn’t just the “underlings” involved. In one incident reported by Radar Onlinea manager forced his employees to drink alcohol while on duty:

A National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) manager kept booze in an office cabinet — and forced employees to drink while on-duty, “so that he could trust them.”

“[He] sexually harassed every subordinate female [at the center]…publicly asking male employees, ‘Where are my little whores/bitches? Have you slept with them yet?’”

That same document added, “One of the females harassed…may have had voicemail messages [left] more than five [5] times per day via telephone and [the manager] would summon her to his office.

“He would ask her if she wanted to take showers at his house. [The manager] labeled NTAC the, ‘Nice Tits and Ass Club.’

The documents obtained through the FOIA requests were a series of reports of interviews conducted by the Office of Inspector General at Homeland Security mostly with “Confidential Sources” (CS) within the USSS. The interviews were part of the DHS’s investigation into the USSS following the agency’s 2012 scandal involving agents who solicited the “secret services” of Colombian prostitutes. As it turns out, that was only scratching the surface.

In another case, an agent “exposed his genitals and started masturbating in front of [a] woman.” When the woman said that she was going to report the incident, the agent “threatened her with deportation.” The agent ended up being transferred elsewhere.

A CS relayed to DHS that he observed Secret Service agents “at the Salt Lake City Olympic Games who were involved with underage females…. The rumors indicated that alcohol and sex were involved.”

According to one report, “A male Secret Service Agent assigned to Puerto Rico had his issued firearm stolen by a male prostitute who he solicited online.” The firearm was never recovered.

A supervising agent told DHS that she stopped keeping track of all the employees’ misbehavior, because she was convinced that “USSS personnel routinely conducted illegal searches of [her] office space when she was not present.”

Another report revealed that as recently as 2014:

“Three agents, all members of the Secret Service Agency’s Counter Assault Team (CAT), along with other advance team members went out in…Amsterdam Saturday night. One of the agents passed out in a hallway Sunday morning…The CAT Team is known to frequently engage in this behavior and participated in similar actions while in Cartegena in 2012. These and several others of the advance team were in the Red Light District of Amsterdam during the advance where they were observed engaging with prostitutes. Others who were on the advance team can verify.”

Read the whole – albeit heavily redacted – report here.

Source: EagleRising


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