CNN Commentator Is Shredded On Social Media For Mislabeling Firearm “AK-15”

When it comes to guns, many Americans don’t know the difference between a clip and a magazine. And some are under the impression that the ‘AR’ in AR-15 stands for assault rifle, not ArmaLite rifle.

Pair that with media personalities weighing in on firearms and gun control, and gaffes are bound to pop up.

CNN commentator Sally Kohn took to Twitter Thursday evening to fire off her own gun control tweet. She said:

Her tweet reads:

What about the mothers and fathers who have lost their violence to white guys with AK-15s conducting mass shootings? Why not profile them?

While it was probably a typo, claiming that AK-15s are used in mass shootings didn’t do Kohn any favors.

She was called out for pushing gun control and not being able to identify which gun is which:

This commenter found humor in her message:

Others tried to imagine what an AK-15 would look like:



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