Sanders Met With Boo’s When Urging Supporters To Vote For Hillary

The Democrats have been reeling since the leak of emails from the DNC. One name that came up numerous times was none other than Bernie Sanders, “man of the people”… ┬áIn some of these emails, exchanges were made between Hillary’s camp and the DNC discussing her inevitable nomination and even plans to discredit Bernie Sanders and his entire campaign. Ever since this has happened the Bernie faithful are angrier than ever and are demanding Sanders rescind his endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

According to Business Insider:

Bernie Sanders was met with jeers and boos in Philadelphia as he asked his supporters to elect Hillary Clinton and her running mate during a Monday event ahead of this week’s Democratic National Convention.

“Secondly, immediately, right now, we have got to defeat Donald Trump,” Sanders said. “And we have got to elect Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.”

The imperative was met with a chorus of boos.

“Brothers and sisters,” Sanders continued, “this is the real world that we live in.”

“Trump is a bully and a demagogue,” he said. “Trump has made bigotry and hatred the cornerstone of his campaign. Throughout this campaign he has insulted Mexicans and Latinos. He has insulted Muslims. He has insulted women and African Americans.”

Sanders added that Trump wouldn’t follow the constitution.

The crowd chanted back, “We want Bernie!”

“Thank you,” said the Vermont senator, who recently endorsed Clinton after a spirited primary battle for the Democratic nomination.

Clinton is set to officially accept the Democratic nomination for president at the convention this week.

This can really only spell good things out for Trump as it divides the democratic party further. To think that there is more to be leaked. This could be a very interesting week. What do you think?

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