[WATCH] Refugees Pack Subway Car in France, Leave Passengers Terrified by What They Do Next

Europeans are on edge and rightly so. With the chaos that has engulfed the continent, it is no wonder many have deep concerns over the rapidly rising Muslim population.

Through both higher-than-average birthrates and a seemingly endless stream of migrants and refugees flowing north from the Middle East, Muslims are becoming or will soon be a majority, at least in some areas of the continent, but particularly in France.

A video released about a year ago shows just how fragile the situation is.

According to Live Wire:

Video from about a year ago resurfaced recently showing a large crowd of Muslims packed into a subway car believed to be somewhere in France, chanting back and forth and shouting “Allahu Akbar” in a manner that was most likely rather intimidating to any non-Muslim passengers on the train, according to Tammy Bruce’s Live Wire.


This is nothing more than intimidation. They are taking control through fear and if something is not done soon. Europe will never resemble what it once was.

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