[VIDEO] Anti-War Protesters Try To Drown Out Former CIA Director Leon Panetta During DNC Speech

Former CIA Director Leon Panetta was attempting to blast Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention when anti-war protesters attempted to drown him out with chants like  “no more war,” “lies” and “love not war”.

The Blaze:

Panetta sought to attack Trump’s “dangerous” foreign policy positions and praise of dictators. The ex-CIA director stopped momentarily as the chants became louder, but ultimately tried to carry on with his prepared remarks.

The DNC reportedly cut off the lights over the areas in Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center where anti-war protesters were chanting, but that only proved to further inspire their shouts. As Panetta made the case that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is the best to handle terrorism and destroy the Islamic State, the chants became stronger.

Regardless, the protesters were very much in the minority. When it became clear they were not going to surrender, even louder chants of “USA, USA, USA” overpowered the anti-war demonstrators, who many reported were supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has pledged support for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and urged his backers to do the same.

The liberal media will never report these stories because it would demolish their lies of a “unified democratic party” that they sell day in and day out to the masses that lean on their every word. The DNC has turned out to be some freak show and to think there is still more excitement to come.

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