Student Facing 50 Day Suspension For Saying ‘All Lives Matter’

Politically correct tyranny is afoot at the University of Houston.

I was recently made aware of a student at the university who was suspended for 50 days by the student government association and ordered to attend diversity training over a reference she made about the Black Lives Matter crowd. (She can still go to class but she can’t participate in student government activities.)

“#ForgetBlackLivesMatter; more like AllLivesMatter,” wrote Rohini Sethi, the vice president of the school’s student government association.

Ms. Sethi wrote those words last month just a few hours after five Dallas police officers were assassinated.

Her belief that every life matters set off a firestorm of controversy among students – including the Black Student Union.

They were among several predominantly African-American groups who demanded that Ms. Sethi be punished for exercising her First Amendment rights.

“For her to say on her social media ‘forget black lives matter,’ it’s almost as if to say if all of us were to die tomorrow, she wouldn’t care,” BSU president Kadidja Kone told the Washington Post.

“Just for her to say, ‘forget Black Lives Matter,’ is a punch in the stomach, student Nala Hughes told ABC 13 News in Houston.

The 100 Collegiate Men, an organization for black students, also condemned the idea that all lives matter.

“As of today, African American students do not feel welcome, comfortable, represented, valued or even acknowledged at the University of Houston,” read a statement provided to the Post. “Students at the University of Houston want to feel adequately represented. They do not feel that this is being accomplished as long as Rohini Sethi is in office.”

In order to placate the torches and pitchfork mob, the student government association gave SGA President Shane Smith full authority to mete out a punishment.

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