Barbara Boxer Claims $400 Million Dollars To Iran WAS NOT Ransom For US Captives

Democratic California Sen. Barbara Boxer said on Wednesday that the $400 million dollar cash payment to Iran wasn’t a ransom for the Americans held in captivity but “isn’t it great we got back the hostages.”

Appearing on “MSNBC Live” host Thomas Roberts asked Boxer if she was “concerned about how these implications” of the $400 million in cash transported to Iran “could backfire for Secretary Clinton, someone who is so interconnected herself in the Obama legacy.”

“Not at all, because, Thomas, if anyone looks back and takes a minute to go beyond a tweet, this whole dispute with Iran goes back to the ’70s when the Shah of Iran made deal with America,” Boxer claimed.

“$400 million in exchange for weapons. The weapons were never delivered. The $400 million of Iranian money was placed in a trust fund. So what happened is Iran has been trying to get back that money. There was a dispute. It was taken to the Hague and the Hague tribunal and American and Iran decided they would work it out themselves,” Boxer said.

“Well, finally, it got worked out. And according to Admiral Kirby who is at the State Department, it probably saved American tax payers billions of dollars had this gone forward. Remember this is Iranian money. It was in a trust fund. And as the relations warmed a little bit with Iran, this is what happened,” she claimed.

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