Donald Trump Claims His Policies Would Have Prevented 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

Donald Trump has been saying a lot of things that has the left squirming and establishment republicans shaking in their boots. Now with his latest statement on 9/11 he has many people thinking. Could he have stopped 9/11 with his policies that he is campaigning with today? Or, is hindsight always 20/20?

According to The Daily Wire:

Speaking of his claim that Muslims in New jersey had danced on the streets and the rooftops after the 9/11 attacks, Trump declaimed, “We had a story, we had a story, where I was talking about people dancing on the streets and the rooftops, you remember. Now in all fairness, people throughout the world they were dancing, but I said, in New Jersey, they were dancing.”

The audience cheered Trump’s defense of himself.

He continued, “No, I said when the World Trade Center came down, nice, real nice. So here’s the story — By the way, those people who knocked down the World Trade Center, most likely under the Trump policy wouldn’t have been here to knock down the World Trade Center, just so you understand.”

Last December, Trump called for a ban on all Muslim immigration, but after fierce criticism he has changed his plan to banning all immigration from countries with a history of terrorist activity, although he still hasn’t said which countries.

Fifteen of the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia; the remainder came from Egypt, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates.

What do you think? If Trump is elected as president will this country become safer if he enforces a Muslim ban?

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