Paul Ryan Congressional Challenger Believes Shariah-Compliant Immigrants Should Be Deported

The outspoken Wisconsin businessman looking to unseat House Speaker Paul Ryan in the state’s congressional primary says Muslims in the United States who adhere to Shariah law should be deported since the ideology is in “direct conflict with the U.S. Constitution.”

Paul Nehlen gave an intense radio interview with “Chicago’s Morning Answer” on Monday saying he believes Muslims in the United States should be subjected a religious test to determine if they’re Shariah-compliant — then acknowledged there’s no way to “vet” that process.

“If the breakpoint is Shariah, and Islam is the only major religion that encourages lying,” Nehlen said, adding that Muslims are instructed to “lie to the infidel, you lie to them if you have to.” He then asked “if they lie, how do you vet something like that?”

“Then how do you implement the test that you want to implement?” host Dan Proft countered.

“Well, then, the question is, why do we have Muslims in the country—” Nehlen responded without finishing his question. He then asked, “How can you possibly vet somebody who lies?”

“Are you suggesting that we deport all of the Muslims in this country?” Proft asked.

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