Trespassing Migrants Call Cops On Farmer For Aiming Gun And Firing Warning Shot At Them

A group of migrants were caught trespassing on a farmer’s land in Strömsund, Sweden, last week and he decided to take action to protect his family. The farmer noticed the group taking photo’s of his livestock and surrounding area. It didn’t take him long to confront the migrants with his trusty rifle.

Swedish newspaper Fria Tider reported that the farmer fired a warning shot near the trespassers, which understandably gave them pause.

 According to Conservative Tribune:
A female migrant was allegedly grazed by the bullet, but reports indicated that she was not seriously injured. Swedish national public television station SVT reported the migrants might have attempted to fight back because another female among them was hit in the face. It was not immediately clear who hit her, but the injury was not serious.

Instead of leaving the property promptly, as they should have done, the immigrants called the police and complained about the farmer.

Authorities were not in a hurry to assist the trespassers and told them they weren’t going to send police to the area immediately. When they did arrive, they took all six of the immigrants into custody.

Locals complained about the delayed police response, and police area manager Stephen Jerand told SVT, “When we have cases where firearms are involved, and certainly where people are fired upon, then we will pursue it as a top priority with an immediate intervention.”

Which is exactly what should have happened. The fact that these migrants thought they deserved protection from the police after trespassing on another man’s land is ludicrous.

This isn’t the first time a landowner has taken it upon himself to protect his property from trespassing migrants. Earlier this year, a man living near the Turkish border discovered a group of illegal Muslims trying to get onto his property. He got aggressive with the migrants and let them know he wasn’t going to let them intimidate him.

Unfortunately, this is what some citizens have to deal with since their bleeding heart liberal leaders have opened their borders to millions of immigrants.

You really have to be pretty stupid to call the police on the property owner while you are trespassing. And to think, Obama wants to flood America with thousands of migrants. What do you think?

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