[VIDEO] 67 Year Old Hired As “Muscle” Confronts Motorist And Smashes Car Window

An enraged baton-wielding thug caught on camera smashing another driver’s car window during a row over work has been charged by police.

The video of his attack has gone viral after motorist Damian Dallyn uploaded the footage of his feud with the 67-year-old in Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada.

He claims the man, who identifies himself as Dennis Tissington, was hired as ‘muscle’ over a landscaping dispute he was trying to clear up last Saturday.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) confirmed they have charged the man.

Dallyn’s video shows the relative of the person he was dealing with storming towards him with a baton, reports CTV News.

He alleges he had ‘stopped by to have a civil conversation about some money’ with the man before Tissington, a family member hired as ‘muscle… rolled up in a truck’.

The family member is seen marching up to Dallyn and taps on the window with his weapon at the ready.

‘Aren’t you in enough trouble? You’re gonna to be,’ warns Tissington.

Dallyn simply responds: ‘Why?’

Tissington answers: ‘You’re gonna be in f****** hospital if you don’t get out of here.’

Then Dallyn says: ‘No you can’t bring a weapon out on me.’

And the outraged Tissington declares: ‘Yes I can because I have one…Now get the f*** outta here,’ before he smashes the window in one hit.

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