Islamic Man Asks U.S. Judge To Rule Using “Sharia Law”, Does Not Get Answer He Wants

A Muslim man got demolished by a Judge who has no tolerance for the barbaric and unconstitutional form of law.

From Mad World News:

After two Muslims, a woman and her brother-in-law, had a dispute over a large sum of money, they decided to battle out their heated case in a Minnesota court. However, as soon as the Muslim man demanded that they are tried in accordance with Sharia law to respect their faith, the judge had just one thing to say.

Sudanese cab driver Nadir Ibrahim Ombabi, 57, was heading to Edina to pick up his fare when he was involved in a 7-car pileup on Interstate 494, according to the Star Tribune. Northstar Taxi employer Gamal Eshmawy described Ombabi as “a very, very good driver,” but regardless of his skill on the road, the accident was unavoidable. Ombabi was killed after the driver behind him struck his cab at a high speed.

Narriman Sirag Elsayed Khalil, also a Sudan native, was devastated by the sudden loss of her husband. However, she never expected that her grief would be met with a lawsuit from none other than her brother-in-law.

The Washington Post reports that Hosameldin Ibrahim Imbabi, Ombabi’s brother, was outraged that the wife would be receiving a settlement of $183,000 for a recent wrongful-death claim filed by the deceased’s estate. Instead, Imbabi believes that his late brother’s wife should only get 25 percent and he should receive 58.3 percent, which he claims will be distributed among his siblings with the remaining 16.7 percent going to his mother’s estate.

In his argument, he explained that he, not the wife, deserves a larger portion of the money because the Quran states that males are to receive “twice the share of the female” since the Islamic prophet Muhammad taught that women are worth half that of a man. Imbabi demanded that the court adheres to Quran 4:11, coinciding with Islam’s incredibly misogynistic requirement for divvying up inheritances and debts.

Fortunately, the judge immediately struck down Imbabi’s demand, citing that the U.S. operates under our Constitution and will not be ruled by a foreign law. “American courts apply American law, rather than one rule for Muslims, one rule for Christians, one rule for Jews, and so on,” the Washington Post reiterates.

American courts apply American law, including when an American law principle calls on American courts to enforce a foreign judgment, to apply foreign law or to follow terms in a contract or a will that deliberately track foreign or religious law. But there has to be an American law principle calling for such application of foreign law. And in this case, there was no such principle.

Everyone knows that women are treated like slaves in Islam and Sharia Law does not treat the genders equally.  He wanted Sharia applied because he wanted the court to rule in his favor. Unfortunately for him this is still America. and most judges still rule constitutionally.


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