[VIDEO] Donald Trumps Spiritual Adviser Says “He Is Hungry For The Heart Of God”

People have questioned Trump many times on his faith and his answer is always about the same, “I have a great relationship with God”.  While that may not satisfy some, others believe he does have spiritual leanings. Now a one-on-one interview with Donald Trump’s spiritual Adviser Paula White gives us greater insight into the man and where his beliefs may truly lie.

The Blaze:

Her relationship with Donald Trump started with a random phone call, and now, after fourteen years, she knows a man who is “hungry in his heart” for the Word of God, televangelist Paula White said Thursday.

In the past, the Republican nominee for president has said he has a “great relationship” with God, but the details of his faith has remained largely unknown. White, speaking to CNN’s Erin Burnett, gave a window into the billionaire’s journey with Christianity, telling the host Trump is actually “much more hungry for God in his heart than I think people would imagine.”

Whether any of this is true remains to be seen, regardless I could see him getting a slight bump in the polls from evangelicals on the fence at this time. What do you think?

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