Leader Of Hezbollah Says Trump’s Claim That Obama ‘Founded’ ISIS Is ‘Based on Facts’

Many people blame the Obama Administrations policies and weak stance on terrorism for the rise of ISIS. Trump was once quoted saying, Barack Obama is one of the “founders Of ISIS” but later said he was being sarcastic. Well now, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah is claiming that Trump is right and that Obama very much is one of the major factors for the rise of ISIS.

The Blaze:

Donald Trump has found at least one person who agrees with his allegation that the U.S. administration founded the Islamic State group.

The leader of Lebanon’s militant Hezbollah group quoted Trump at a rally in the country’s south Saturday, saying the presidential candidate’s statements were based on facts.

Hassan Nasrallah says: “this is an American presidential candidate who is saying this. What he says is based on facts and documents.”

Trump this week described President Barack Obama as the “founder” of IS. Trump later said the claim was intended as sarcasm.

Nasrallah, who has sent thousands of his fighters to Syria to shore up President Bashar Assad’s forces, has long claimed that the U.S. helped create and fuel the rise of Islamic extremists to destabilize the Middle East.

I don’t know how Obama gets away with everything. This man has systematically destroyed this country piece by piece and it is hardly recognizable. And then on top of that, he has been a key factor in the rise of the most despised enemy that the world knows. January needs to hurry up and arrive… What do you think?

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