[WATCH] Islamic Thug Smacks Girl And Instantly Regrets It

Everyone was having a good time during a celebration until a Muslim man approached a girl and tried to dance with her. However, things took a turn when she declined, prompting the man to make the biggest mistake of his life by slapping her — that’s when he learned what she was hiding under her skirt.

All caught on video, the incident took place at what appears to be a party of some sort as a man – described to be an “Indian Muslim” – approached a girl and grabbed her hand. Although it’s unclear what his intentions were, he apparently was willing to force her to do whatever he wanted.

 However, things took a turn as the girl wasn’t having any of it and ripped her hand from the grasp of the Muslim. This apparently made the man very mad and even prompted him to haul off and slap the girl. Little did he know, it would be the biggest mistake of his evening.

Without a second thought, the girl immediately defended herself, and apparently this wasn’t a helpless girl in a skirt. One can only assume that this woman had some form of martial arts training as she dished out blow after massive blow that eventually resulted in the man’s temporary retreat.

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