Chicago Violence Escalates With 9 Killed And Dozens Injured In 72 Hours

From Friday afternoon to the first few hours of Monday morning, the perennial weekend bloodletting in Chicago continued with a loss of nine lives among 46 shootings across the city.

Even as the neighboring City of Milwaukee was devolving into chaos with riots sparked by what authorities are calling a justifiable police-involved shooting, Chicago was grinding on with its all too common emulation of a war zone.

Coming off what was one of the most dangerous weeks in the city’s history with 100 shot, the weekend was not to be outdone by racking up in just over two days what took four days during the previous week.

Without adding the four shootings between 1 AM and 4 AM on Monday morning, the city’s toll of violence came to 42 shootings and nine deaths. But in the after hours of the weekend, the four extra shootings brought the total to 46 shootings.

Victims included a 6-year-old girl, identified by relatives as India Tinker, who was wounded in the arm when a group of men opened fire as she and her family got out of a car in the West Pullman neighborhood.

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