Clinton Foundation Gave Only $5,000 to Veterans’ Charities Last Year

Donald Trump is appealing to Veterans to make sure Hillary stays out of office. While Clinton claims to care for Vets, her contributions to their causes amount to a fraction of what the Clinton Foundation is bringing in.  On the other hand, Trump has raised millions for veteran charities.


The Clinton Family Foundation only gave one $5,000 contribution to a veterans’ group last year, according to tax returns provided to the Republican National Committee.

The Foundation’s $5,000 donation to the Wounded Warrior Project represents less than one fifth of one percent of all of the Foundation’s giving in the year 2015.

The Clintons, rich from speaking fees, gave $1.5 million to their own foundation the same year that only $5,000 in Clinton money went to the vets.

Donald Trump’s strong appeal to veterans around the country, particularly in swing states like Ohio and Virginia, is keeping the Clintons on the run.

Hillary Clinton is banking on support from various minority groups and women to get out the vote. Trump, meanwhile, is focusing on getting the vets to the polls.

Trump personally raised $5.6 million for a wide range of veterans groups during this campaign, dwarfing the charitable contributions of his opponent to the pro-veteran cause.

The choice is clear when it comes to who Veterans will lean toward. Clinton will only make matters worse for everyone and Vets will be hit especially hard. What do you think?

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