O’Reilly And Beck Battle Over Trump, Says: ‘You Could End Up in Jail’

Fox News show host Bill O’Reilly had quite the debate with Glenn Beck Wednesday night after Beck compared Donald Trump’s campaign strategy to that which is utilized by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Earlier in the week on Glenn Beck’s radio show he accused Trump of  “making a new group of Black Lives Matter” by firing up people who “so distrust and hate the system that they will buy anything.”

O’Reilly conceded that Trump might “create cynicism,” but argued it is just a “minor part” of his  campaign. The Fox News anchor asked Beck if he is just “nitpicking” Trump.

“No,” Beck replied, noting the fact that Trump just hired as his campaign CEO Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon, “one of the dirtiest, nastiest human beings alive.”

In conclusion, Beck called on voters to support true conservatives running for Congress because neither Trump nor Clinton “care about the Constitution one iota.”

H/T The Blaze


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