[VIDEO] Thug Threatens And Assaults Cop, ‘WTF N*GGA’, I’ll Break Your [email protected] Nose

An expletive-laden cellphone video showing a Fresno, California, police officer wrestling a high school student to the ground is quickly going viral.

The Facebook user who posted the video, Finesse King Vahan, wrote in the video description that the incident took place by Hoover High School on the first day of senior year for him and his friends, which was Monday.

Vahan wrote that his friend KC (also called Keyshawn by other commenters) was about to cross the street, but after he jaywalked, a Fresno police officer “started disrespecting him and grabbing him.” Vahan wrote that police arrested KC and his friend Johnny for recording the incident.

A Fresno police official on Thursday confirmed to TheBlaze that the suspect in the video was stopped for jaywalking and that the incident occurred about 7:30 a.m. Monday at First and Barstow.

What happened before the clip began is unclear, but footage starts with the officer holding KC and saying that he told him to sit down — but KC wasn’t complying.

After the officer attempted to get control over KC, repeatedly yelling “get on the ground,” the officer told KC he was now under arrest for “battery on an officer.”

Finally, the officer wrestled KC to the ground. “Black lives matter, motherf***er!” one of KC’s friends yelled. “He’s not resisting!”

Soon another motorcycle officer arrived to assist. As the pair attempted to cuff KC, the first officer on the scene appeared to kick at the person videotaping the incident.

“Kick me again, motherf***er!” the individual yelled at the officer. “I’ll break your f***in’ nose!”

Another person yelled out, “They’re f***in’ with a little kid!” Another voice was heard yelling, “He’s a high school student! And you’re f***in’ with him!”

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