Reporter Asks Flood Victim About Trump, Doesn’t Like the Answer He Gets

Donald Trump’s visit to Louisiana was emotional for many of the flood victims who lost so much this week, especially as they have been abandoned by President Obama.

One man in particular has caught the attention of the media for what he told a reporter about the Republican nominee…

From Western Journalism:

Jeff Nolan, who was interviewed by ABC News, tearfully choked up as he spoke about Trump.

“Let’s see,” he said. “I didn’t lose anything compared to what a lot of people lost. I’m OK. It’s materialistic things. They can be replaced.”

“And having Trump here, that meant a lot to you?” ABC reporter Tom Llamas asked.

“Oh yes, yes,” he responded. “Because, hell, America’s gotta wake up! Donald Trump’s the way to wake us up. He’s waking America up, he’s gotta get busy. America’s got to get behind him.”

“Without America getting behind Donald Trump, we’re going to lose and lose bigger than this flood,” Nolan added. “So, America’s gotta wake up.”


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