Black Bully Attacks Random White Girl, Gets Her Racist A$$ Beat in Return

There is perhaps nothing more satisfying than watching an entitled bully get put in his or her place by their intended victim. Except maybe for the moment the Obama Family officially vacates the White House… I imagine that will be among the greatest things we’ve ever viewed.

But until then, we shall have to occupy ourselves with other epic footage, like the below video of a racist black girl who attacks a white girl walking by for no apparent reason other than the color of her skin. The white girl quickly turns the tables on her attacker, though, dishing out a brutal beating the racist won’t soon forget.

From Conservative Brief:

Barack Hussein Obama and his race-baiting minions are constantly claiming that blacks are the only victims of hate crimes. Footage like this, however, remind us that whites are becoming increasingly targeted in Obama’s America.

In this video, an entitled welfare queen attacks a young woman simply because she is white. Unfortunately for the wannabe thug, however, things don’t end well for her.

Watch as the “victim” flips the script on her attacker and gives her a beating she won’t soon forget!

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