“Proud Muslim” Tries to Sue American Business, is Exposed as Lying Hypocrite

Nadia Kamal considers herself to be a “proud Muslim woman,” or so she wants you to think…

Kamal recently made headlines when she visited an Advance America Cash Advance store looking for a payday loan. Clad in a burqa, she was asked to partially remove her head covering before entering the business.

Advance America has good reason for requiring that their customers do not obscure their appearance – the store is a target for burglars with large amount of cash on hand, and the particular location Kamal went to had experienced a series of robberies in the weeks leading up to her visit.

But that did not stop the devout Muslim from putting up a fight when asked by store employees to remove her hijab.

“The lady she told them just take it off a little bit and put it back,” said Fatah Kamal, Nadia’s husband, according to Top Right News. “She said, ‘I can’t I’m in a public place I cannot do that.'”

Shortly after this incident, the Kamals teamed up with the Council on American Islamic Relations (shocker) and announced their plans to sue Advance America (another shocker).

“This is really about ignorance, it’s really about fossilized policies and people being stubborn and not coming up to the modern time,” said CAIR spokesman Dawud Walid, as reported by MRC Blog.

But if we’re going to talk “ignorance” and “fossilized policies,” we should take a look at a certain practice which is forbidden by the Islamic religion; namely, paying interest.

Of course, all payday loan businesses charge interest, which is how they turn a profit.

If Nadia Kamal were truly the “proud Muslim” she portrayed herself to be in the media, she would not have been violating the tenants of Islam by visiting an Advance America in the first place, which was noted by a patriot on Twitter…


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