Gitmo Terrorist Makes Bone-Chilling Promise to America as Obama Frees Him

Despite serious security concerns, President Obama has made shutting down Guantanamo Bay one of his pet projects.

In his quest to close the prison, he has had a whopping 177 detainees transferred, repatriated or resettled.

One of those prisoners was Sheikh Khubayb al Sundani, formally known as Ibrahim Qosi.

The Conservative Tribune reported on the horrifying promise Qosi made before Obama released him:

In an article published by Al Marsa, Qosi said attacks would continue “but will be a creative and new way by men of your own (who) carry your names, speak your language,” Homeland Security reported.

He added that these men probably would have have been trained in Afghanistan, and their names would not appear on CIA or FBI black lists. He even said some of them might have even served in our military.

It is absolutely terrifying that our very own commander in chief is responsible for letting this man go. Obama has yet again put our safety at risk.

It is absolutely unimaginable that a US president would release a known terrorist – one who publicly vowed to harm Americans – simply to further his own agenda.

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