There’s Actually A “We The People” Petition To Put Harambe On The U.S. Dollar

Did you know there are actually people who are petitioning online to have Harambe the gorilla put on the U.S. dollar? Petitions seem to be all the rage these days and range from legitimate concerns to the outrageous. Nothing ever really happens but it is still fun to see the bizarre ideas people have sometimes.

The petition on the website says:

 Harambe was a dear friend and role model of the American people. His death was a national tragedy in which everyone has been forced to suffer through. Harambe was an ape of honor, a friend of the people, and a national hero. For all his accomplishments he should be remembered not only as the magnificent ape he was, but also as the rightful symbol of the unity of the people.

Only Twenty-one people have signed the petition since it was created on August 12.

We can only hope this petition was created in satire since there is no way a gorilla should ever be placed on our currency. The We The People website only allows 30 days to acquire 100,000 signatures in order to receive a response  from the White House. Still, it’s absolutely ridiculous someone would take the time to suggest this madness.

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