Obama Admin to Louisiana Flood Victims: Golfing is Just More Important

As the death toll continues to rise due to devastating flooding in Louisiana, and as tens of thousands of people lose everything, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has offered perhaps the most insensitive excuse ever as to why President Obama has opted to golf while Americans suffer.

“There’s been a lot of criticism about president Obama not visiting Louisiana. Will you be recommending that he come to Louisiana and visit?” Johnson was asked by a reporter.

Politistick reports that Johnson’s response was not just stunning, it was downright insulting.

“Well, of course, the president can’t be everywhere. I can tell you that the president has been closely monitoring the situation here in Louisiana. He made the federal (disaster) declaration in a matter of hours — it was expedited, we’re up to 20 parishes now,” said Johnson.

“I will be briefing him on what I see here and what the status of our recovery and response efforts are…So the president is closely monitoring the situation, through his cabinet, through his FEMA administrator, and is very much on top of it.”

But reporters were not satisfied with Johnson’s dismissive answer and questioned him again as to whether he would recommend that Obama leave the golf course in Martha’s Vineyard and head to Louisiana.

Johnson doubled down, saying, “As I said, the president can’t be everywhere. I know he has a very busy schedule this fall and in the coming days, and uh, he is closely monitoring the situation. When you are the chief executive of the entire U.S. government, you can’t be everywhere, uh, including places you would like to be. Uh, but through me and through (FEMA Director) Craig Fugate, I know he is very much on top of this situation.”

A very busy schedule??? The man’s on vacation!!!!!

I, for one, would LOVE to have a schedule more like Obama’s – he’s been on more vacations since taking office than I’ve been on in my entire life! I’m sure you can relate, since you’re reading this and not sitting pretty on a plush golf course with a bunch of one-percenters.

Thankfully, at least one person in the media had the balls to remind Johnson that he had begun the press conference by noting that Obama was playing yet another round of golf at that very moment.

“And you sit there and say twice the president can’t be everywhere. The people of Louisiana are dying. How hard is it for you, as the Homeland Security director, for you to have your updates going to the president on the golf course?” the reporter asked.


I’d like to shake that patriot’s hand…

To be fair, Johnson could have uttered any excuse and sounded just as inept and callous, because we’ve already seen a million images of the president perfecting his handicap while Americans drown in their cars. I wish that was an exaggeration, but unfortunately, it’s the cold, hard truth.

So there’s nothing any high-ranking official in the Obama Administration could say at this point; the hole has already been dug, the sun has already gone down on the president’s chance to not look like a self-absorbed asshole. Pardon my French.

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