Woman Lets Gnarly Growth Take Over Belly Button, Finally Decides to Pick it

A video posted to YouTube on Sunday night has already surpassed 12,000 views.

The subject, Jamie Davis, was surprised by all the attention, which seems to be due to the growing trend of popping and picking videos.

You know, the ones you see all over social media, in which someone has let their pimple or cyst go untouched for years, only to become a viral sensation after popping or picking it on camera.

Davis’ growth was in her belly button.

“I noticed my belly button had something in it,” said the Moore, Oklahoma, native. “I tried getting it. I failed. then my sister saw it and forced me to try again.”

“It did hurt, but it stopped after a few minutes,” she added.

According to KTUL, Davis is now considering having it checked out by a doctor and says it may be a omphalolith, a stone that grows due to the accumulation of sebum and keratin.


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