BLM Organizer Claims Elections Are “Tyrannical Pageant Of White Fear”

Because they never saw an exaggeratedly racial statement they didn’t like, a Black Lives Matter organizer is claiming fantastical things about the November election.

Calling it a “tyrannical pageant of white fear,” Arielle Newton writes on that Democrats only pay “lib service to “black bodies,” while Republicans are just a bunch of nasty bigots.

White supporters of Hillary Clinton are concerned with the rise of neo-­fascism, of what a Trump presidency would mean for the fragile economic sector, foreign policy, immigration and social progress. For Trump supporters, a world of black and brown people pouring through American borders is a dastardly reality that must ultimately be confronted and curbed through racist, ideological litmus tests for incoming immigrants, draconian and impractical measures against the undocumented and isolationist economic policies that are sure to disrupt our precarious economy.

I will not be voting for either mainstream candidate. Hillary Clinton does not care deeply for black lives; she is a foreign policy hawk that has dismantled black and brown communities for profit and special interest. Trump is a thin-­skinned coward.

She said she can’t vote for Hillary because she doesn’t care enough about black people … especially because she’s not in favor of “economic reparations for black bodies,” but that she’ll certainly not vote for Republicans.

As a radical black militant, this presidential election is best characterized as a tyrannical pageant of white fear,” she writes. “Across the political spectrum, white voters are terrified of what the future will bring should either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump become the next commander in chief.

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