[VIDEO] #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Attack Woman Who Drove Through Roadblock

MSM likes to create this pleasant fiction of Black Lives Matter folks, peacefully protesting for ‘civil rights’, against ‘racism’ and ‘police brutality’. As readers know, this is far from the truth.

Let’s take a look at Black Lives Matter female organizers Alexis Templeton, 21 and Brittany Ferrell, 26. They are part of a sub-group of the omnibus BLM effort, Millenial Activists United, co-founded by Ferrell.

Ferrell and Templeton are also a couple. Huffington Post idealizes their love and their ‘activism’ in this following video from the St. Louis American, in which they get engaged and go get a marriage license at city hall:


What sweet women! (But you have to ignore the warning talk of revolution and the praising of a cop killer, by wearing the ‘Assata taught me’ t-shirt).

Snip. Cut the fantasy…

The lovely couple was arrested on Monday for attacking a car and the woman inside it during an action blocking both directions of I-70 near the Blanchette Bridge in Missouri.

Here’s video of the BLM blocking traffic and surrounding a car. Imagine if you will you are the driver, suddenly surrounded by screaming people, banging on your car:


Templeton is accused of reaching inside the vehicle and punching the woman driver in the head. She is charged with among other things third degree assault. Ferrell is accused of kicking the vehicle and causing at least $5000 in damage. She is charged with felony property damage.

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