Bar Owner Erected This Trump Sign “to be as Politically Incorrect as Possible”

A Florida bar owner known for his “edgy humor” has erected a politically incorrect marquee sign which takes aim at America’s most politically incorrect politician.

It reads: “Hey John Hinckley, did you know Donald Trump is banging Jodie Foster?”

It is a reference to John Hinkley’s shooting of Ronald Reagan. (Hinkley was released from the mental hospital where he’s been held since the 80’s last month. He was obsessed with Jodie Foster and thought killing Reagan would impress her.)

The owner of Harry’s Bananas Farm has declined interviews with the media.

His sign could easily be considered a threat on Trump’s life, which would be a federal offense, but it is unknown whether the Secret Service is involved at this point.

You can read more on his story at KTUL.

So, do you think this sign is in poor taste, or just a bit of off-color humor? Have your say in the comments section!

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