[WATCH] Dash-Cam Video of Woman’s Arrest Goes Viral for What She ISN’T Wearing

A 23-year-old Michigan woman was caught with her pants down when she was pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence… literally.

From KRMG:

A Michigan woman, who was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of driving under the influence, is seen on a newly released dash-cam video without any pants on at the time of her arrest.

Samantha Alfaro, 23, was stopped Aug. 14 by Troy, Michigan, police with the officer noticing that she was naked from the waist down, WXYZ reports. The officer asked Alfaro if she had drunk anything, to which she responded, “Too much. Take me to jail already.”

“Try and put your pants on. You’re going to be getting out of the car,” the officer responded.

The video shows the female officer questioning Alfaro’s 19-year-old passenger while Alfaro waited for another officer to arrive. The officer recommended a wardrobe change for Alfaro.

“Just put your pants on, OK, because there’s a male officer coming and I don’t want you to be exposed, you know?” she said to Alfaro.

Alfaro complied and was arrested on suspicion of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, but her ride to the police station took a turn when officers pulled over another driver, Jocelyn Reardon, on suspicion of driving under the influence.

The woman, just like Alfaro, wasn’t wearing pants.


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