[VIDEO] New Surveillance Footage of NYPD Officers Shooting at Black Teen Raises Serious Questions

New footage is emerging of an  officer-related shooting back in 2013 that involved a young black man. In the footage, it shows the teen surrendering to police before he was shot at 16 times.

According to the New York Daily News:

Keston Charles has been accused of “grabbing a BB gun from a friend during a fight with rivals from the neighborhood — and of pointing the weapon at another boy” during the 2013 incident.

Two New York City police officers witnessed the fight and began to chase Charles. He ran away, ultimately surrendering outside his apartment building and placing his hands on his head, the Daily News reported. He was shot three times.

“I put up my hands, they was still shooting,” Charles said in a sworn deposition, the newspaper added.

During his deposition, Charles said he didn’t drop the BB gun while he ran “because I was scared for my life.”

“I was trying to get away,” he said. “I never been shot at before.”

Elissa Jacobs, a lawyer for the city, argued in court papers that police officer Jonathan Rivera fired at Charles because he turned toward the officers several times during the foot chase and he “did not put his hands up to surrender before any round of shots.”

The teen should have dropped the gun, and put his hands up. If you run away from law enforcement they will pursue you. This could have all ended peacefully if simple instructions were followed.
 What do you think of this new footage?

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