[WATCH] BLM Rapper Tries Making Music Video, But Forgets Where He Is

Rapper Cemone Lewis Sr., a.k.a. “King Yella,” was making a rap video in a tunnel in Chicago when things got crazy. During the filming of his video a drive-by comes by guns blazing hitting him in the arm and torso. Lucky for him however, he survived the ordeal. Black Lives Matter indeed.

According to Right Wing News:

The rap video was about police brutality. But to be fair, it was also about black on black crime. Which he ranted about from the hospital after his Black Lives Matter brothers-in-arms tried to blow him away. Black lives matter very little in the Windy City. Surviving there is a moment to moment thing anymore.

Lewis used to be part of the black crime problem, but I think he just had a wake-up call. Getting shot tends to do that to even the densest among us. It’s interesting to watch a BLM’r experience the crime epidemic first hand from other blacks in the US. And when someone like this speaks up about the problem, it gives it credibility.

Our problem in this country is how we emulate the thug lifestyle and how we allow it to grow and influence our younger generations. Until we fix this, black on black crime will continue and no matter how much they say “Black Lives Matter” their actions speak louder than words.

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