[WATCH] Hillary “Bribes” Reporters With THIS After After Being Questioned About Clinton Foundation

Hillary Clinton’s newest strategy for avoiding uncomfortable questions is to bribe those questioning her with chocolate. After all, who can resist some tasty chocolate!

According to The Daily Caller:

Hillary Clinton used chocolates to avoid answering questions from reporters about alleged scandals involving the Clinton Foundation on Thursday.

Clinton herself tried some of the chocolates, noting in particular that she loved the “salt.”

“So good!” the former secretary of state exclaimed. “Oh my gosh! This is really good!”

As Clinton nibbled, a male voice can be heard saying that now “would be a good time for questions,” yet Clinton ignored him.


I want you to offer these to all the press,” Clinton then tells the confectioners. “So cooperative, so hard-working. They all deserve a piece of chocolate.”

One reporter beings to ask Clinton about her husband, former President Bill Clinton’s departure from the family’s foundation, but Clinton only responded “everybody try one” before exiting the scene.

It must be getting pretty overwhelming for Hillary these days with scandal after scandal piles up on her shoulders. It’s only a matter of time until something gives… I hope. What do you think?



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