Man Shoots Himself In Foot & Claims It’s The Gun Companies Fault, Here’s Why

An Arkansas cop has filed a lawsuit against one of the world’s leading pistol manufacturers claiming the company’s handguns are inherently unsafe. His allegations come after he “accidentally” shot himself in the foot with his service pistol.

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Larry Jones, a policeman from Cherry Valley, Arkansas, shot himself in the foot with his GLOCK 9mm as he was trying to install a tactical light to the gun in June of 2013.

Jones is seeking damages of $75,000 from the GLOCK in federal suit which will be heard in Helena, Arkansas.

Critics of Jones’s suit note GLOCK’s unfailing reputation for quality and safety. Jones, though, claims the gun was sold to him “in a defective condition which rendered (it) unreasonably dangerous.”

What is the defective condition? The lack of a manual safety. GLOCKs have no thumb safeties, like those found on some other pistols.

Jones’s suit claims that the manufacturer should have given “a reasonable and adequate warning of dangers inherent and/or reasonably foreseeable in the use” of the gun.

GLOCK is denying the allegations. For their part, the Austrian manufacturer has actually been rather polite. They’ve yet to point out that very few policemen need warnings about the “dangers inherent and/or reasonably foreseeable in the use” of a gun.

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