[VIDEO] Guiliani Has Some Scathing Remarks On Beyonce’s Racially Charged VMA Performance

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani had some words for Beyoncé’s racially divisive  performance at the VMAs. During the performance, back up singers fell to the ground one by one to symbolize police-involved shootings around the country. When asked about the performance Giuliani had some remarks of his own.


Beyoncé rocked the house last night with her performance at the VMA’s, but former mayor and current Queen Bey critic Rudy Giuliani was not impressed.

Giuliani appeared on Monday morning’s Fox & Friends, where he was invited to talk about how Beyoncé used her show as an opportunity once again to make a statement on police brutality towards African Americans. Ainsley Earhardt pointed out how the pop idol invited the Mothers of the Movement as her honorary guests, and that her segment began by depicting her backup dancers as angelic figures shot dead one at a time by cops.

“I ran the largest and best police department in the world, the New York City Police Department,” Giuliani opined. “I saved more black lives than any of those people you saw on stage.”

Giuliani went on to tout his police record some more, and say that his mayorship was responsible for the betterment of several major boroughs of New York. He also bashed social figures and politicians who comment on police brutality incidents but refuse to do anything to help troubled African-American inner city communities.

Brian Kilmeade called it “pretty indelible” for Beyonce to push her message at such a high-profile event, which Giuliani affirmed by saying “it’s a shame.”

Giuliani has criticized Beyonce for politically-charged performances before, particularly when he blasted her for using her Super Bowl halftime show as an “outrageous” attack on the police.




I can’t believe how far these privileged celebrities and athletes are going these days to flat out disrespect our country and traditions. They complain about inequality and injustice while they go home to their mansions and drive expensive cars. Give me a break. Beyonce has no reason to bash police the way she does. After all, they have been keeping her safe for years.

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