Radical Islamists Behead College Student, And Then Use His Body For THIS Insane Reason

Radical Muslims are always brainstorming new and exciting ways to kill us “infidels” in their never-ending crusade to rule the world with Sharia-Law. In Afghanistan’s Faryab province, Radical Islamists decapitated a university student and then used his body as an IED.

Khaama.com reported, via Religion of Peace:

The Taliban insurgents have beheaded a young university student in northern Faryab province of Afghanistan and used his corpse a Body-borne Improvised Explosive Device (BBIED).

According to the local officials in Faryab, the corpse of the university student was left on a roadside after placing a remote controlled Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in his body.

Provincial governor’s spokesman Javid Bidar said the university student was taken out of the vehicle on a highway in Faizabad district and was decapitated by the Taliban insurgents.

He said the Afghan forces discovered and defused the IED planted in his stomach before the Taliban insurgents manage to detonate it and target the Afghan forces.

Bidar further added that the move by the Taliban militants is apparently aimed at discouraging the university students from pursuing their higher education.

According to Bidar, an operation is underway to find and arrest the perpetators of the horrific incident.

This is what radical Islam is all about. Instilling fear into their would-be victims is exactly how they do things. It’s how terrorists got their name in the first place.

These cowards are dangerous and disgusting human beings. They deserve every bit of punishment that is coming their way. What do you think?



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