Hillary Clinton CAUGHT Using “Major Loophole” to “Rig” the Election

U.S. Secretary of State nominee Hillary Clinton meets with Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN)(not pictured) at his office on Capitol Hill in Washington, December 10, 2008. REUTERS/Jason Reed (UNITED STATES)

Donald Trump was scoffed at by liberals when he said Hillary Clinton might rig the election, but the Democratic nominee is looking for any way to stack the deck in her favor, especially now that her rival is beating her in major national polls.

It seemed odd when Clinton closed out the summer months with more campaign contributions than Trump – the billionaire businessman’s supporters are far more committed and enthusiastic – but we now know where Hillary got her money, and as usual, it isn’t exactly on the up and up.

Fury News reported on the specifics of Clinton’s shady dealings:

While the DNC is bragging about the whopping $32 million they brought in for Hillary Clinton’s campaign’s campaign last month, it was just exposed that a large portion of those funds came through a shady loophole, proving once again that this crooked woman will do whatever it takes to win the presidency.

Being that Hillary will literally kill in order to silence her opponents and squash her scandals, it should come as no surprise that she’s also utilizing shady campaign practices in order to fund her ongoing antics.

In the wake of raking in $32 million for Hillary, the DNC suggested it was “hard evidence” of all the “energy and excitement” that Hillary’s nomination for the presidency was garnering. But Bloomberg reports that the massive influx of money came from Clinton’s wealthiest donors, who had already contributed the maximum $33,400 to the national committee.

Knowing fully well that the maximum that a single donor can contribute is $33,400, Hillary and her team came up with an effective loophole, where these rich donors could keep contributing by bundling their proceeds to state parties. Hundreds of these donor names are then stripped, and the money is sent straight to the DNC as a massive lump sum. The Federal Election Commission investigated and found that $7.3 million of the DNC’s July totals were funneled in from hundreds of these major donors in this manner, who had already maxed out on their contributions.

One of the organizations that Hillary is utilizing for the massive scheme is The Hillary Victory Fund that essentially combines the fundraising power 33 state party organizations. Campaign finance watchdogs have investigated the organization, questioning if the arrangement is even proper or legal. Although it doesn’t appear that the organization is violating campaign finance law, it is an effective loophole that she’s found to get massive amounts of money from maxed out donors.

For instance, Hedge fund manager S. Donald Sussman was able to donate $343,400 to the Hillary Victory Fund, which was then transferred to the DNC, lining Hillary’s pockets quite nicely. In another incident, the state of South Carolina was able to transfer $179,000 to the DNC in the very same day, but without having to report the names of the original donors. Disturbingly, this same pattern has been repeated again and again in at least 10 other states. “The amounts of money are unprecedented,” general counsel of the watchdog Campaign Legal CenterLawrence Noble stated. “It’s a way to get around the contribution limits; it’s a major loophole in the law.”

Let’s not forget that conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza was forced to serve time for contributing too much money to a political campaign. In his case, it was an oversight that amounted to pocket change in comparison to the cash Hillary is bringing in, but the Obama Administration was looking for a way to screw him.

Hillary Clinton is above the law, though. We’ve seen time and time again that the rules don’t apply to her. She is responsible for the deaths of Americans overseas; she took contributions from foreign governments during the time she was Secretary of State; she gravely endangered national security by using a private email server… You can be sure that the millions her campaign is raking in using a shady loophole doesn’t cause her to lose any sleep, nor will she be held accountable for it.

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