Welfare Junkies See Grocery Store’s Sign About Food Stamps, Immediately LOSE IT

A Philadelphia comedian is offending liberals left and right with a homemade sign he has posted at several Wawa grocery stores.

Printed on a simple sheet of white paper in bold black letters, the sign reads:

“We are no longer accepting EBT. Please use cash or credit. If you do not have cash or credit then maybe it’s time to get a job.”

Take a look:


Jay McGuire posted the signs to see what sort of reaction they would get, though he is not affiliated with Wawa grocery stores in any way – he only used them as the venue for his little social experiment.

The reactions were pretty much what you’d expect. While the photo McGuire posted to social media was shared thousands of times by tax-payers who are fed up with freeloaders that think welfare is a career choice, the liberal media had a field day with the story.

A writer at The Frisky called McGuire and anyone else who thought his sign was funny “incredibly misinformed and callous.”

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