Hillary Too Exhausted to March in Labor Day Parade: “It’s Just Too Much”

On Monday morning, Hillary Clinton participated in the Cleveland Labor Day Parade, which has historically served as the traditional launch of the general election campaign season.

But I use the term “participated” loosely…

Out of fear that is would just to too exhausting, Clinton did not actually walk in the parade.

In June, she marched a mere four blocks in a New York City gay pride parade and it was “just too much” for her, according to The Gateway Pundit. She came out of it “a hot mess.”

Apparently, with her health worsening steadily over the course of the election season, Clinton and her camp didn’t think she could make it in today’s parade. Instead of marching, she will speak alongside Sen. Tim Kaine afterwards.

MRC Blog reported:

Over the last few weeks, Hillary Clinton has been fighting rumors that she is secretly suffering from major health problems. Though she claims to be in perfect health, what just happened today suggests there is something fishy going on with her.

Any way you slice it, this doesn’t look good for Hillary. Best case scenario, she thinks the gays of New York are more worthy of her energy than the traditional families in Ohio. Worst case scenario, she is too sickly to walk a few blocks in a parade.

The latter is looking more likely, with reports of the Democratic nominee’s failing health coming out on a daily basis.

At this rate, will she even make it to November?

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