[VIDEO] Hospitalized Man Horrified When Wife And Mistress Come To Visit

As the old saying goes,  Wives and mistresses, may they never meet. One man found out the hard way exactly why after his wife and his side-dish met as they came to visit him in the hospital.

Intense footage taken by a nurse shows the trio scrapping it out in the middle of the ward.


Daily Mail:

The two-minute clip starts as the group are huddled together on the floor, with one woman holding fistful of the other’s hair as the husband tries to separate them.

 The group eventually make their way to standing, but despite the husband’s efforts to get one woman to let go of the other’s hair, she refuses.

Eventually the pair are separated, before one of the women goes to pick up an item and throw it at the other, reconsidering at the last minute.

It’s probably safe to say he won’t be seeing either of them anymore but at least he learned a very valuable.

H/T Daily Mail

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