[VIDEO] Terrifying Passenger Footage Shows Tropical-Storm Hermine ROCKING Cruise Ship

When you book a luxury cruise to Bermuda, the only weather conditions you expect to contend with are high heat and endless sunshine.

So spare a thought for the people on board a Royal Caribbean cruise liner who found themselves caught up in the middle of tropical storm Hermine.

Terrifying footage showed the 1,100ft-long Anthem of the Seas undulating through huge swells and 90mph winds en route to sunny Bermuda.

Sea-sick passengers, who were confined to their rooms, took social media are to complain about the violent rocking.

Robert McHugh, one of the passengers, tweeted: ‘If ya’ll wondering where Hermine is at, we here on the Anthem of the Seas found her. Anthem of the seas recording gusts of 90 knot winds. Good times.’  

The ship left Bayonne, New Jersey, but got caught up in bad weather and high winds from the storm at around 2pm the following day.

Several passengers had reported feeling ill because of the rough seas, according to CBS, with Royal Caribbean offering free pay-per-view TV to those confined to their rooms.

This is not the first time that Anthem of the Seas has been caught in extreme weather this year. Back in February it was forced to turn back to the US after sailing into another large Atlantic storm.

On that occasion waves were bad enough to hurl furniture around and cause ceilings to fall down in what passengers described as ‘the cruise from hell’.

Sunday’s footage emerged as forecasters predicted Hermine could strengthen into a hurricane for the second time, though said it is unlikely to make landfall again after spinning out to sea overnight on Saturday.

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