Mom Turns to Social Media for Advice, Son’s Sick Bathroom Secret is Exposed

Online mom groups have no shortage of drama, but what unfolded recently in a thread in one such forum was totally unexpected and quite shocking.

One confused mother turned to Mumsnet to ask how old was too old to be assisting one’s child in the bathroom.

Most moms responded by saying that they continued to help wipe their children up until the age of six at times, because all kidsĀ are different, and some require more attention when it comes to these things.

But the response of one mother did more than turn heads – it turned stomachs.

“I wipe all my kids, oldest is 12 and is c**p at the best of times,” she wrote. She admitted that the boy is not special needs, but said he simply prefers that she wipe him after he uses the restroom.

“It would be cruelty leaving him dirty when he has an upset stomach,” she added.

After a moment of shocked silence on the thread, one mother spoke up to note how odd and wrong it was to wipe a 12-year-old’s bottom day in and day out. Everyone else in the group seemed to agree, and commenters urged the mother to reconsider coddling her son in this way.

The story has been picked up and shared online by those who have said the woman is creating a monster who will never be able to care for himself.

Not to mention the fact that it is exptrememly odd for a pre-teen to not be incredibly embarrassed by their mother helping them in the bathroom.

Tell us what you think of this mother’s odd parenting in the comments section…

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