Vicious Pit Bull Attack Caught on Tape – Listen to What the Onlookers Shout

The footage of a vicious pit bull attack which unfolded on the streets of Boston is difficult to watch. But perhaps even more disturbing than the gruesome attack itself, are the words an onlooker shouted as men were attempting to get control of the violent animal.

The video was recorded on July 30 by Raphael Fortin, who was visiting Boston for a Coldplay concert with his girlfriend, and then posted to YouTube. A pit bull can be seen going after a tiny beagle in front of its owner. As the owner screamed, “Get off of her!” she was pulled to the ground with her pet as bystanders began to try to intervene to save hem both.

After putting her own life at risk to save her pup, the owner ended up bruised and bloodied by the pit bull, but that was of no concern to one foolish onlooker, whose reaction is making headlines for it’s ignorance and stupidity.

As the owner of the beagle cried in horror while her pet was wrenched from the pit bull’s jaws, the onlooker said, “Everyone needs to calm down.” Then, as a man got behind the pit bull and began it kick it in an attempt to get the animal to release it’s deadly grip on its victim, the bystander yelled, “What the f***! Oh my God! Stop kicking the dog!”


No regard for innocent life… No regard for the woman who was bleeding and watching her best friend nearly die… No regard for common decency or common sense.

And therein lies the problem with people who place more value in an animal’s life than a human’s life. In this case, the human happened to be innocent and the animal out of control, so it seems painfully obvious who was in the wrong and who was the victim.

But, apparently, to the tree-hugging hippy in the background of this video, everyone should have just let the pit bull go to town on the lady and her dog until they were both ripped to shreds. I wonder what she would have had to say then. Perhaps that we ought to get the pit bull some dessert or water to wash down his feast?


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