[VIDEO] Flight Crew Disgusted At What They Found Left Behind By Islamic Passenger

It was a brand new luxury airplane all ready for its first flight and they were excited to announce it! Money, time and very strategic planning on the ‘how’ they were going to get this plane in the first place had been a part of the hard work to get to this point. So they were proud!

However, things soon went to CRAP when on the very first flight of their new beauty, Allah’s children decided to invade the airplane and leave a whole lot of Allah type gifts on the plane. Gifts that left the staff DISGUSTED and quite frankly wishing they had never encountered the likes of the nasty Islamists in the first place.

After landing the plane, these poor airline workers were SHOCKED to learn what was left behind for them by the Muslim passengers…and you’re about to feel the aftershocks yourself!

Take a look… but WARNING: If it’s almost lunchtime… you may want to rethink watching it right now.

First, I’m sorry you had to witness that. Second… WTH!?

We live in a time where the luxury gifts of comfort seem to be what is sought out and because of this many companies are typically on the prowl to find the next, new, big thing that will boost them into a more successful future with their customers and clients…and in this case passengers. Why? Well to appease the mindset and find new ways to gain more customers who seek the newest and most luxurious services out there.

So, let me ask you… did the sight of what this luxury plane had appease your mindset?

Hell no.

This was a flight on the largely anticipated new Airbus A330-300 Regional. It boasts to having cushy and comfortable seating and also comes with several other amenities that you don’t find on any other planes. So you can bet your bottom dollar they were ready for sales numbers to start driving up with the purchase of tickets to fly on this magnificent beast.

Unfortunately, it took just this one flight to ruin all they had worked to accomplish. When that plane landed, what the Muslims left behind for the staff was horrifying.

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